Is Golden melon same as cantaloupe?

Golden Melon Fruit is a sizeable, sharp yellow melon fruit with a white interior flesh. However, The Golden Melon has similar body like Cantaloupe, Galia melonas and the casaba melon, but its skin is smoother than the others. It stands out for its beautiful golden-colored thick skin and tender, sweet flesh.

Is Sugar Kiss melon the same as cantaloupe?

Coming towards Sugar kiss melon, it is the sweetest melon you can ever have. It is one of the varieties of melon basically of cantaloupe, with soft and sugar rich pulp that melts in the mouth. You can easily distinguish sugar kiss melon among other melons as it has netted rind over pale orange pulp.

What is Golden Kiss melon?

The Golden Kiss is a Galia/Charentais cross that tastes similar to a cantaloupe, but with Charentais overtones and with a firm texture, bright orange flesh, dense sweet meat and a small seed cavity. Product Details: Size: 6-9 CT Country of Origin: United States of America. Savor Fresh Farms YUMA AZ.

Is a Honey Kiss melon a cantaloupe?

Honey Kiss melons have ovoid shapes, and they’re about the same size as cantaloupes, around 4 to 6 inches wide. They have gold or greenish-gold skin covered in a cream or beige pattern that looks like netting, and the flesh is light orange or peach-colored. The seeds are small and beige.

What is a cross between a cantaloupe and honeydew?

Galia. A cross between a honeydew and a cantaloupe, a Galia melon’s rind is netted like a cantaloupe, but the smooth lime-green flesh is like a honeydew. Unlike many other melons, the tenderness of the stem end is not a good indicator of ripeness. Instead, use your nose to smell for its distinct tropical aroma.

Where are sugar Kiss melon grown?

For over 25 years, the Russell family has produced their juicy, flavor-bursting specialty melons throughout Arizona and California.

Are Kiss melons genetically modified?

An incredible enjoyable eating experience. With a texture reminiscent of a Crenshaw, the Sugar Kiss has unsurpassed flavor. Sugar Kiss Melon seeds are Non-GMO.