Is ABUS a good helmet brand?

Overall, the Abus AirBreaker is a great helmet that offers superb ventilation at a very light weight. It’s priced towards the top end of the market but the quality is excellent.

Are Abus helmets safe?

You’re comfortable hitting top speeds when the opportunity arises but your safety and visibility are always top of mind. The Abus Pedelec+ helmet is stronger and safer compared to a regular bicycle helmet. It features an EPS shock absorption layer which is thicker than on standard bike helmets.

Do Abus helmets have MIPS?

The Youn-I MIPS from ABUS is a modern and comfortable bike helmet for children – equipped with the advanced MIPS protection system.

Where are Abus helmets made?

ABUS August Bremicker Söhne KG, commonly known as ABUS, is a German manufacturer of preventative security technology based in Wetter, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Are Abus helmets made in China?

ABUS Shenzhen (China)

Are all ABUS locks made in Germany?

From the central locking system up to the grand master key system ABUS offers international solutions, especially when it comes to the ability to combine common global cylinder types. Whether private or commercial, locking systems by ABUS offer highest protection – quality “Made in Germany”!

What kind of bike helmet does Abus make?

The Scraper v.2 features ABUS hard cover technology and is designed for city use, commuting and BMX riders. The Zoom precise adjustment system … read more The Hyban 2.0 combines a particularly robust hard shellwith a huge air intakes.

Which is the best bike lock for abus?

ABUS offers the right bike lock for every situation. The current range of ABUS helmets are characterised by high-quality materials, the latest production processes and professional design.

Why do we need urban series bike helmets?

Our Urban series bike helmets will appeal to people who use their bike every day, see their bike helmet as an accessory or prefer simple elegance to go with their business suit – if you want to get around town by bike, your requirements are different from those who take cycling seriously as a sport or who travel the world on their bikes.

What kind of helmet does a yadd-I wear?

Its angular, minimalist, polygon-style design means that the Yadd-I fits into every urban setting. Forced Air Cooling Technology offers intelligent … read more Soft Tune Fit System Polygon Design Forced-Air Cooling Technology Removable Cap Helmet: Yadd-I Color: Brilliant Gray … read more