Is 2008 a good year for Burgundy?

Overall, the 2008 vintage for Burgundy was largely very good, with both reds and whites exhibiting rich, exotic fruit and spice. Although conditions were perhaps too patchy to produce a truly legendary vintage, the year still stands as exceedingly good.

What are the best years for Burgundy?

In the white corner, the best Burgundy vintages are considered to be the 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2014, with the 2014 likely the best investment due to its aging potential for at least another 20 years. The success of the 2005 means it was a great year for both red and white, so if all else fails, keep this year in mind.

Was 2017 a good vintage in Burgundy?

For Burgundy, the 2017 vintage was generally very good. The 2016 growing season was widely considered to be awful and, by 2017, the vines were still in a state of recovery. The winter was cool and dry and – despite a particularly cold turn in January – without snowfall.

Is 2014 a good year for Burgundy?

2014 Vintage: Burgundy The 2014 Burgundy got off to a difficult start but still managed to produce a good vintage. The spring was mild and very dry leading to a successful early budburst and flowering. The warm, even conditions continued through June, until a violent hailstorm struck late in the month.

Was 2014 a good year for Burgundy?

Was 2015 a good year for Burgundy?

Burgundy enjoyed an extraordinary 2015 vintage. A mild winter and spring meant flowering was both early and successful laying the foundation for a healthy crop. Early summer saw some rain but by July, conditions were dry and temperatures were fierce, with brutal heat spikes.

Was 2014 a good year for Chablis?

Some wines from high crop levels or from grapes picked with lowish acidity can lack flavor authority or grip, but 2014 is generally a vintage to buy for Chablis lovers.

Was 2013 a good year for Burgundy?

2013 Vintage: Burgundy The 2013 vintage for Burgundy was good considering the blow the weather dealt. Both the winter and spring had been cold and wet significantly delaying budburst. Despite the significantly improved weather, the grapes were still behind in their development and ripening compared to previous years.

Was 2011 a good year for white Burgundy?

2011 is a good to very good Burgundy vintage, both for reds and whites.

What was the weather like in Burgundy in 2014?

As in so many recent years, the Burgundy 2014 vintage produced many excellent wines. Yet it was far from an easy growing season. Conditions got off to a good start: spring was warm and dry, leading to a fairly early budbreak and an uneventful flowering in early June throughout Burgundy. But later that month the problems began.

When was the last vintage of red Burgundy?

Perhaps the last word should go to Volnay’s Michel Lafarge, one of the Côte d’Or’s most thoughtful and experienced observers, who draws parallels with 1929s which he tasted as a young man in his family’s cellars. No other vintage in the past 60 years, he reflects, is really comparable.

Which is the best red wine in Burgundy?

Sebastien Cathiard had close to 40hl/ha, while Liger-Belair, also in Vosne-Romanée, and Henri Gouges in Nuits-St-Georges had an average of 25hl/ha. Crucially, the grapes remained healthy until harvest, and no sorting was required. As in so many recent years, the Burgundy 2014 vintage produced many excellent wines.

What was the vintage of wine in 2015?

In the Côte de Nuits, Bruno Clair describes 2015 as ‘an aristocratic vintage with finesse’. But it was not a copious harvest. Jacques Devauges at Clos de Tart explains: ‘The nights were hot in late June and July, and this led to berries dropping off the bunches, and consequently to lower yields.’