How much is a Sako 85 rifle?

Sako 85 Finnlight 7mm Rem Mag Receiver Size L 24.5″ Barrel 1:9.5″ Twist Rifle JR… $2,848.00 ADD TO CART FOR PRICE!

Is the Sako 85 a good rifle?

Shooting performance of the Sako 85 is excellent but, the felt recoil is high considering the lightness of the carbine and the caliber in which it is chambered, the powerful . 30-06. The 85 Hunter is not made for long sessions at the range, shooting several shots in succession.

What is the difference between a Sako 75 and 85?

The 75 is a pure push feed with with bolt face fully enclosing the cartridge rim. The 85 has a cut at the bottom of the bolt face that allows the cartridge rim to slide under the extractor during feeding. Not quite CRF like a Winchester, but close. Otherwise there are only minor differences between the two.

Who builds Sako?

SAKO, Limited (Finnish: Suojeluskuntain Ase- ja Konepaja Oy, lit “Civil Guard Gun and Machining Works Ltd”) is a Finnish firearm and ammunition manufacturer located in Riihimäki, Tavastia Proper in southern Finland.

What is a Sako Finnbear worth?

Sako Finnbear rifles are hefty, known for their fit, finish, and accuracy. And they have held their value very well. A Finnbear in immaculate condition will bring $1,100–1,200.

Are Tikka and Sako actions the same?

The T3X platform operates on the same long action length, whereas Sako produces long and short action lengths. The Tikka in 308 would have a bolt stop that shortens the stroke. Tikka’s plastic stocks are high end, for a polymer/plastic, but I doubt are as stiff as a carbon stock.

Is the Sako 85 Hunter a good rifle?

Calling the Sako 85 Hunter a standard is a serious understatement. It comes with world-class Sako features, including the legendary Sako accuracy, smooth bolt operation and perfect balance, making it a valued rifle to both own and shoot. The Sako 85 Hunter features a walnut stock and is available with blued or stainless metal parts.

How big is the trigger on a Sako 85?

The excellent balance and smooth bolt operation of Sako 85 rifles enable fast, straight and accurate operation. The weight of pull of the single- stage Sako 85 trigger unit is adjustable from 1 to 2 kg (2–4 lbs). An optional single-set trigger is available for most Sako 85 models.

What is the total control latch on the Sako 85?

The Total Control Latch (patent pending) of the Sako 85 prevents accidental magazine release. The special two-way Sako safety locks both the trigger and the bolt handle. The unique bolt release button of the Sako Safety System allows you to load or remove a cartridge from the chamber while the safety is engaged.

How is a Sako 85 Kodiak barrel made?

Sako 85 barrels are manufactured with a passion for craftsmanship and the very best knowledge of Sako. Barrel blanks are drilled, honed, cold- hammer forged, finished and finally individually inspected by an optical fine-tuning instrument: the human eye. Twist rates are chosen for each caliber to optimize accuracy and bullet performance.