How long are Thames Water searches taking?

Thames Water Property Searches also provide the following searches in England and Wales: CON29DW turnaround of 5 days. Choice of ordering and delivery methods – order online with choice of delivery method.

What is a CON29DW search?

The Conveyancing 29 Drainage and Water (Con29DW) is designed to identify any liability that you may incur as an owner and uncover problems that may impact on the property value and lead to expensive maintenance bills. The search contains: Full colour plans showing details of water and sewerage assets.

What is a drainage and water search?

A Water and Drainage Search is a necessary part of the compulsory conveyancing searches that a mortgage lender will require in order to ensure that the property being purchased is safe from any flooding, leaking or damp caused by public waterways and drains.

How do I speak to someone at Thames Water?

Call us on 0800 980 8800. Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm. Saturday 8am – 6pm. Chat with us.

Can you pay your Thames water bill monthly?

You can choose to pay: for the whole year by 1 April • in two equal payments, payable by 1 April and 1 October • in monthly instalments, payable from 1 April and monthly thereafter. If you move into a property after 1 April, we’ll let you know when your payment is due.

What does a water search reveal?

A drainage and water search is made by your Solicitor to obtain information about sewer connections and water supply to a property. These searches are usually made with the company which is responsible for providing water and drainage services in the area where the property is located.

How long does a water and drainage search take?

How long does the water and drainage search take to come through? This search is normally returned within 48 hours and sometimes within a few hours on the same day.

Do I need a water and drainage search?

Do I need a Drainage & Water search when buying a property? The drainage and water search is NOT a legal requirement. However, the search is considered mandatory, and should always be undertaken in every conveyancing transaction when buying a property, because it can reveal potential problems.

How do I know if my house is connected to foul water drainage?

The best way to find out if your house has surface water drainage is to check the Title Deeds of your property or to check your property’s original Planning Application. All of this information will be held by your local authority, so you should contact them if you don’t have a copy of your own.

Can Thames Water cut off?

Can Thames Water disconnect my water supply? No, even if you owe them money, Thames Water can’t, by law, disconnect the water supply of domestic customers.

Why is my Thames water bill so high?

But your payments will increase if you have an outstanding balance on your account. This can happen if you didn’t pay your last bill, or paid smaller amounts than you should. It can also happen if you missed or delayed some payments and didn’t make up for them.

Where can I find the con29dw enquiry form?

Source for Searches offers peace of mind for home buyers with the Law Society’s Conveyancing 29 Drainage and Water enquiry (CON29DW) which identifies any liability that owners may incur and uncover problems that may impact on the property value and lead to expensive maintenance bills.

What happens to my Thames Water account when I move?

When you move within our supply area, your account number can stay the same. This means any outstanding debit or credit will stay on your account. Just be sure to complete our online moving form, selecting the box for ‘Existing customer’.

What are the terms and conditions of the con29dw?

The CON29DW comprises 25 standard questions answered in full, from sewerage and water asset information to sewer flooding history and connection information. Our terms and conditions are there to support you and your client and is further supported by The Property Ombudsman in the case of redress or arbitration.

How many Thames Water customers are there in London?

We provide water and wastewater services to 15 million customers across London and the Thames Valley, that’s a lot of homes! We know there’s a lot to think about when you’re moving, but you can let us know in just 3 simple steps.