How do you convert joules to cm2?

To convert J(energy) to J/cm 2 (specific energy), divide the energy absorbed by the area (in cm 2) of the un-notched ligament, i.e. by ((W-0.2)xB)cm 2.

What is J cm2?

The energy density expresses the total amount of energy delivered per unit area, in Joules per square centimeter (J/cm2). The energy is measured in Joules, and is calculated by multiplying the power output of the laser times the amount of time elapsed during the laser treatment.

Is J cm unit of electric field?

But a “Joule per Coulomb” (J/C) is also known as a volt (V), and the electric potential is thus often referred to as the voltage. The electric field can therefore also be quoted in units of volts per meter, since V/m = N/C….Units for electric potential and fields.

Electric field V/m N/C
Force CV/m N
Potential Energy CV J

Is Joule a SI unit?

The SI unit for work and energy commonly used in drawing is the joule (J), which is equivalent to a force of one newton exerted through a distance of one meter (m).

What is difference between Joule and Watt?

Joule is unit of energy as well as work. In other words, energy and work have the same units.) On the other hand, Watt is the unit of ‘power’, which is energy per unit time (Joules per second). So the amount of energy is measured in Joules, while the rate of the flow of this energy is measured in Watts.

How do you convert mW cm2 to MJ cm2?

Light energy at the test material surface is a measure of cumulative intensity exposure (UV light intensity x time), quantified as millijoules/cm2 and is simply: mW/cm2 x seconds = mj/cm.

What is joules per centimeter squared?

Definition of Joule per Square Centimeter A unit of radiant exposure equal to radiant energy of one joule arriving upon a surface area of one square centimeter. The unit is also used for measurement of output of the energy-emitting source.

What does J / cm ^ 2 stand for in electronics?

J/cm^2 is an energy density per area, it is meaningless in reference to a continuous power output. Electronic design, from concept to prototype. Bringing a project to life? Send me a message! J/cm^2 is an energy density per area, it is meaningless in reference to a continuous power output.

How to calculate laser power from mw to J cm ^ 2?

Power density (irradiance, W/cm2) was varied to achieve various energy densities (fluence, J/cm2) for treating samples.

Which is greater a Joule or a centimeter?

1 Watt/Square Centimeter (W/cm²) =. 10000 Joule/Second Square Meter (J/s∙m²) Watt/Square Centimeter : The watt per square centimeter is a unit of heat flux density, which is a decimal multiple of the derived unit of watt per square meter. Its symbol is W/cm². One watt per centimeter is equal to 10000 watt/meter².

How to get Joules / cm ^ 2 from a pulse?

To get joules/cm^2 from joules/pulse, you need to specify the distance from the source, and know the solid angle into which the source emits (inverse-square law). To go from watts to joules, you need time. Normally, this would be a pulse duration to get joules/pulse.