How did soldiers returning from the Vietnam War feel?

Rather than being greeted with anger and hostility, however, most Vietnam veterans received very little reaction when they returned home. They mainly noticed that people seemed uncomfortable around them and did not appear interested in hearing about their wartime experiences.

What are some of the phrases that come out of the Vietnam War?

You can kill ten of my men for every one I kill of yours. But even at those odds, you will lose and I will win.

How were soldiers returning from the Vietnam War treated?

Unlike the hero status given to the returning soldiers form World War II, the soldiers that served in Vietnam were portrayed as baby killers, psychos, drug addicts and war mongers. Movies and television shows began depicting returning soldiers as deranged monsters even before the war ended.

What was Johnson’s famous quote about fighting in Vietnam?

We still seek no wider war. Our purpose in Vietnam is to prevent the success of aggression. It is not conquest, it is not empire, it is not foreign bases, it is not domination. It is, simply put, just to prevent the forceful conquest of South Vietnam by North Vietnam.

What were the experiences of soldiers in the Vietnam War?

The combat soldier’s experience in Vietnam. When American soldiers arrived in Vietnam, they entered a land, climate, and culture that was very different from the United States. For example, the weather in Vietnam tended to be very hot and humid.

How many American soldiers died in the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam War was extremely bloody for the United States, although of course it was much more so for the people of Vietnam (both combatants and civilians). American casualties included over 58,200 killed, almost 1,690 missing in action, and over 303,630 injured.

Who are some famous Vietnam War veterans?

– John McCain. McCain’s paternal grandfather and his father were four-star admirals; his father rose to command all the U.S. – Oliver Stone. Born and raised in New York City, Stone dropped out of Yale University to teach English in South Vietnam, then dropped out again to enlist in the U.S. – Colin Powell. – Bob Kerrey.

What do people in Vietnam call the Vietnam War?

The war has been differently termed Second Indochina War, Vietnam Conflict, Resistance War against America and Vietnam War. Vietnamese people often call this war “American War” or more formally as Resistance War against America, while Americans and other countries call the war “Vietnam War”, or “Vietnam Conflict”. These names have been changed over time, even though Vietnam War is the most common designation in English for the war.