Can you turn Jaesa to the dark side?

To turn Jaesa to the dark side requires the player to be Dark I alignment or darker, and choose the dark side options in the “The Padawan Exposed” Sith Warrior quest during Chapter 1.

Can you have both Vette and Jaesa?

“Because it was a boring conversation anyways.” Keep in mind that if you are a lightside sith warrior, you can ONLY romance Vette (yes, i know there is a way around it, but that would be a spoiler ^^).

How do I get DS Jaesa?

Choosing the DS options will give you DS Jaesa. Choosing the LS option will give you LS Jaesa. This occurs regardless of your personal alignment….If you are Neutral or Dark:

  1. Join me in darkness (or a similar DS option)
  2. I was sent to kill you (or a similar DS option)
  3. Don’t stray from the Light (or a similar LS option)

What level do you get Jaesa Willsaam?

You get her around level 30.

Can you romance Jaesa as a female Sith Warrior?

How to start romance: Jaesa Willsaam can be romanced after the Ossus Imperial storyline. To start her romance with a dark side character, male or female, Jaesa will be dragged in to the alliance base after a slaughter on Iokath, and she has an air of bloodlust and instability.

Can I marry Vette?

As a male Sith Warrior, players have the option of romancing and even marrying Vette. The player can agree or refuse and continue using to occasionally shock Vette whenever she speaks up.

How old is Kira Carsen?

20 years old
Notes and references. ↑ 2.0 2.1 2.2 Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia states that Kira Carsen is 20 years old. Carsen is first encountered in Act I of the Jedi Knight storyline of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and her dialogue about her history as a Child of the Emperor during Act I confirms she is 20 as well.

Who are all the SWTOR romances in Star Wars?

Tharan Cedrax (brief romance, Jedi Consular female only) Lana Beniko (All) Theron Shan (All) Koth Vortena (All) Arcann (All) Lemda Avesta (All Republic, Makeb single-planet romance) Jedi Knight (Female) Doc (Jedi Knight female only) Kira Carsen, post-Onslaught (Jedi Knight only) Lord Scourge, post-Onslaught (Jedi Knight only)

Is there Love in Star Wars The Old Republic?

Love is an integral part of the space opera motif, so it is only natural that in large scale Star Wars MMORPG like Star Wars: The Old Republic that romance and love are integral story options for all player characters. Not all companions have romance options and of the ones that do, there are some clear winners.

Who are the female Sith inquisitors in SWTOR?

1 Andronikos Revel (Sith Inquisitor female only) 2 Khem Val, Ossus (Sith Inquisitor only) 3 Lana Beniko (All) 4 Theron Shan (All) 5 Koth Vortena (All) 6 Arcann (All) 7 Eva Kaayz (All Imperial, CZ-198 single-planet romance) 8 Urtel Moren ( Sith Inquisitor female only, Alderaan single-planet romance)

What happens when Jaesa falls to the Dark Side?

Whether Jaesa remains on the light side or falls to the dark side depends on how the Sith Warrior known as the Empire’s Wrath recruits her. The Male Sith Warrior can romance her and later marry her, but these options are only presented if they are both aligned to the dark side of the Force.