Who is the girl in the Billy Idol video Cradle of Love?

Betsy Lynn George
The director made the decision to film Idol from the waist up as he was unable to walk due to injuries from a February 1990 motorcycle crash. The video also features Betsy Lynn George as a teenager who tries to seduce a modest and mild-mannered businessman played by Joshua Townshend-Zellner.

What year was Billy Idol Cradle of Love?

Cradle of Love (2001 – Remaster)/Released

Who is Billy Idol married to?

Personal life. Idol has never married, but had a long-term relationship with English singer, dancer and former Hot Gossip member Perri Lister. They have a son, Willem Wolf Broad, who was born in Los Angeles in 1988.

Who wrote Cradle of Love?

Billy Idol
David Werner
Cradle of Love (2001 – Remaster)/Composers

Who is Devon in Cradle of Love?

Betsy Lynn George – IMDb.

How old is Betsy Lynn George?

50 years (June 4, 1971)
Betsy Lynn George/Age

What album is Cradle of Love?

Complete Nineties
Cradle of Love (2001 – Remaster)/Album

What is robbing the cradle?

US, informal. : to date or marry someone who is much younger His friends accused him of robbing the cradle when they saw how young his girlfriend was.

What does it mean to rob the cradle?

What was Billy Idol’s number one song?

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s)
1. “Dancing with Myself” Billy Idol, Tony James
2. “Mony Mony” Tommy James, Bo Gentry, Ritchie Cordell, Bobby Bloom
3. “Hot in the City” B. Idol
4. “White Wedding” B. Idol

When did Cradle of Love by Billy Idol come out?

“Cradle of Love” is a rock song written by Billy Idol and David Werner for Idol’s 1990 fourth studio album Charmed Life. The song is the album’s sixth track, and was released as its first single. The song became one of Idol’s biggest hits in the United States, where it reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, behind “Vision of Love” by Mariah Carey.

Who was the girl in the cradle of Love video?

Most recall that album today for one reason and one reason alone: the video for “Cradle of Love,” that album’s first single. That video featured 18 year old Betsy Lynn George, dancing lasciviously in the apartment of a shy geek. Of course, then, no one knew her real name; she was to everyone simply “the girl from the ‘Cradle of Love’ video.”.

Who is Devon in Cradle of Love Billy Idol?

George played Devon, a young neighbor of the geek in question, who knocks on his door and asks if she might possibly use his cassette player to listen to a song, “Cradle of Love.” As the song plays in the geek’s apartment, she dances ever more provocatively,…

Who was Betsy Lynn George in Cradle of Love?

Betsy Lynn George used every sexy contortionist move she knew in Billy Idol’s “Cradle of Love”. She now teaches young girls her techniques – in gymnastics classes. Few songs offer as pure a dose of 1990 a “Cradle of Love,” and nostalgists won’t want to miss Billy Idol.