Where can I hunt waterfowl in Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan prairies and the Quill Lake region are legendary for world class goose and duck hunting! Hunts take place in the heart of the Central Pothole region of Saskatchewan where we are licensed to guide over 30,000 square miles.

Can you hunt upland game birds?

Upland Game Wild Bird hunts are specially managed hunting opportunities on private and public lands for upland game birds including; pheasant, chukar, quail, wild turkey and dove. To apply hunters must have a valid California hunting license. …

Where can I hunt pheasants in Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan Pheasant Hunting

  • Galloway Bay Outfitters. Kyle, Saskatchewan S0L 1T0. Phone: (306) 375-7223.
  • High Prairie Outfitters. 11904 Crook City Road, Whitewood, Saskatchewan 57793. Phone: (605) 578-1222.
  • Pheasant Point Adventures. Box 35, Mistatim, Saskatchewan S0E1B0. Office: (306) 889-2070, Cell: (306) 852-8802.

Is it legal to shoot pigeons in Saskatchewan?

In Saskatchewan and Alberta, pigeons may be killed without a licence, unless they happen to be in, say, a provincial park.

Where is the best waterfowl hunting in Canada?

Saskatchewan is known as the best waterfowl hunting in the world for a reason and if you want to experience the best hunting in Saskatchewan with the best outfitter in Saskatchewan, Canada, come hunt with Prairies Edge Outfitting!

Where can I go hunting in Upland?

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  • Pierre, South Dakota. This Missouri River town puts you in the heart of pheasant country, but the upland fun doesn’t stop there.
  • Lewistown, Montana.
  • Hettinger, North Dakota.
  • Huron, South Dakota.
  • Valentine, Nebraska.
  • White Bird, Idaho.
  • Heppner, Oregon.
  • Winnemucca, Nevada.

Are there wild pheasants in Saskatchewan?

Upland game birds Sharp-tailed grouse, ruffed grouse and Hungarian partridge can be found in the southern prairie and northern forest fringe regions, and spruce grouse can be hunted in Saskatchewan’s north. Saskatchewan residents can also hunt ring-necked pheasants and ptarmigan.

Where is Pheasant Point adventures?

North East Saskatchewan
We are located near Mistatim, Sk in North East Saskatchewan nestled in some of the most beautiful country you will ever hunt. At Pheasant Point Adventures there are no bag limits, no license required, and best of all regular pheasant season dates don’t apply so you can book a hunt when it’s convenient for you.

Is it legal to shoot ravens in Saskatchewan?

Wild boars may be hunted by Saskatchewan residents without a licence. However, for the purpose of protecting property, including livestock, the owner or occupant of any land may kill any raven, rattlesnake, carnivore, beaver or muskrat without a licence.

Can you shoot from a road in Saskatchewan?

Is it legal to shoot from a road in Saskatchewan? It is unlawful to shoot along or across a highway or municipal road; this definition also includes shooting from a road.

Who are the upland bird hunters in Saskatchewan?

During your Saskatchewan upland bird hunting adventure outfitter and head guide Kyle Hauck will be your host. Kyle Hauck is the Southern Region owner and head Saskatchewan waterfowl / upland bird hunting guide.

What do you need to hunt waterfowl in Saskatchewan?

To hunt waterfowl you will need a Saskatchewan Wildlife Habitat Certificate, a game bird licence, and a Canadian migratory game bird hunting permit and stamp. The Canadian permit and stamp are available at Canadian post offices or online at permis-permits.ec.gc.ca. Non-residents may hunt geese, ducks, coots and common snipe.

Where are the best places to hunt birds in Saskatchewan?

Bird Hunting in Saskatchewan Saskatchewan offers excellent waterfowl and upland game bird hunting throughout the province. Waterfowl are abundant in the southern regions, especially in areas covered by the Central Flyway, including the Quill Lakes and Qu’Appelle Valley region.

Which is the best upland bird hunting dog?

LIS Outfitting welcomes your dog (s), puppy, new or seasoned and provides the perfect hunting experience for dogs and hunters alike. And – the Hungarian Partridge are the strongest smelling upland game bird and hold very well. We offer home-cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner meal services for an additional cost.