When did the anime Glass Mask come out?

Perhaps because of this, the Glass Mask manga found huge success in Japan during its run and spawned a couple of anime adaptations – including this one, circa 2005. Glass Mask follows the acting life of Maya Kitajima, a prodigy discovered by a retired leading lady who immediately invites her into an acting troupe she’s just formed,…

What happens in the first episode of Glass Mask?

Maya is flooded with thoughts of her Mother as she starts shooting her first movie. Masumi offers Miss Yamazaki a chance to shoot some commericals that will garner world wide viewing so she decides to let go of her anger towards Daito Theater. Know what this is about?

Who is the director of the Glass Mask?

Hajime Onodera, a director for Daito, wants the rights to “Kurenai Tennyo,” which were given to Tsukikage by the playwright; since Tsukikage refuses to sell him the rights, Onodera tries to drive Tsukikage’s acting school out of business through a series of nefarious schemes.

Is the Glass Mask series on a hiatus?

Miuchi has announced that she intends to end the series soon. However, the series is currently on an extended hiatus, with the latest chapter released in October 2012. Glass Mask is a saga depicting the devotion of Maya Kitajima to the performing arts as a professional stage actress, and her competition with her skilled rival, Ayumi Himekawa.

How many copies of Glass Mask are there?

The story has also been adapted into anime and a live action television series. As of 2006, the collected volumes had 50 million copies in Japan, making it the second best-selling shōjo manga ever.

What kind of masks are used in anime?

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What does Glass Mask mean in Platinum Collection?

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