What type of art is DeviantArt?

Art display/Social networking service
DeviantArt (formerly stylized as deviantART) is an American online art community featuring artwork, videography and photography subsidiary of the Israeli company Wix.com….DeviantArt.

Type of site Art display/Social networking service
Available in English
Founded August 7, 2000
Area served Worldwide

Is DeviantArt a company?

Deviantart, Inc. operates an online social network for artists and art enthusiasts. The Company offers digital, traditional, photography, artisan crafts, literature, film and animation, flash, designs and interfaces, customization, cartoons and comics, fan arts, resources, and stock images.

How did DeviantArt get its name?

Most marketing experts would never name a site “DeviantArt,” because the word “deviant” has multiple meanings that can be interpreted in different — not always positive — ways. Few branding agencies would ever make DeviantArt its infamous green/gray color. Yet we love it, and have become known for it.

Is DeviantArt free to join?

To offset those expenses, deviantART posts banner ads on many of its pages. Although a basic membership is free, deviants with paid subscriptions can browse the site ad-free. You can also sell prints of your work through deviantART’s online store, although the site does take a percentage of your earnings.

Is ArtStation better than DeviantArt?

If your a hobbist then DeviantArt. Artstation is more of a site for selling your artwork/commisions or getting hired for an art related job like character designer, animator, article illustrator and so forth. It’s like LinkedIn for artists. ArtStation isn’t the best for making friends or getting critic.

Can I post fanart on DeviantArt?

While fan created works are welcome at DeviantArt and have a place within our community, bear in mind that pretty much everything that fan art references is a copyrighted work and as a result can be considered copyright infringement and sometimes even a violation of trademark law or an actor’s rights of publicity if …

Is DeviantArt paid?

Is drawing fanart illegal?

Is Fanart of existing Characters illegal? Fanart itself is not illegal. You can draw whatever you want in whatever way you want. Don´t worry, if you draw a character from your favorite Anime you won´t be making yourself punishable by law.

How can I join DeviantArt?

Steps Go to www.deviantart.com. This is the easiest part. Scroll over the “login” sign. Underneath login, there should be a little sign that says “join DeviantArt for free!”. Fill out the form. This should be fairly easy; create an original username, and a good password to protect yourself from hackers. Check you email.

How do you make art on DeviantArt?

Steps Go to www.deviantart.com Join deviantArt. Fill your Username, E-mail address, and Password. Create your own gallery and artwork. Upload Photography or artwork can be sculptures, can be traditional or digital as long as it’s made by you and it’s art. Name your Upload file as you wish.

When was DeviantArt created?

DeviantArt, LLC (stylized as deviantART; abbreviated as dA) is an online community showcasing various forms of user-made artwork. It was first launched on August 7, 2000 by Scott Jarkoff, Matthew Stephens, Angelo Sotira and others.

Is DeviantArt for kids?

Deviantart is suitable for mature 13 year olds and older. Children need to be mature enough to handle the community. They will also need business skills later on, if they wish to take art commissions in the future.