What is un1824?

Placard – UN 1824 Sodium Hydroxide, Adhesive Vinyl.

What ID number is sodium hydroxide solution?

EPA Consolidated List of Lists

Regulatory Name CAS Number/ 313 Category Code CERCLA RQ
Sodium hydroxide 1310-73-2 1000 pounds

What type of cleaner is sodium hydroxide?

Sodium hydroxide is useful for its ability to alter fats. It is used to make soap and as a main ingredient in household products such as liquid drain cleaners. Sodium hydroxide is usually sold in pure form as white pellets or as a solution in water.

Is sodium hydroxide a base or acid?

Now let’s look at lye, a strong base with the chemical formula NaOH (sodium hydroxide). If we add NaOH to water, it dissociates into Na+ and OH-. The sodiums don’t do anything important, but the hydroxyls make the solution more basic.

Is sodium hydroxide a bleach?

Sodium hypochlorite Sodium hypochlorite is chlorine gas dissolved in sodium hydroxide. This is essentially household bleach. Sodium hypochlorite is a disinfectant that is liquid at room temperature and can be dosed with chemical feed pumps.

What is the chemical 1830?

Ensure your full compliance when transporting dangerous corrosives with Labelmaster’s Two-Sided 4-Digit Placards….Two-Sided 4-Digit Placard, 1830 Corrosive/1832 Corrosive.

Regulatory Agency DOT
UN Number 1830/1832
Hazard Class Name Corrosive/Corrosive
Hazard Class Number 8, 8
Commodity Sulfuric Acid/Sulfuric Acid, Spent

What does placard 1267 mean?

petroleum crude oil
Alternatively, 1267 placards are warning signs for cars carrying petroleum crude oil or some sort of flammable liquid.

Is sodium hydroxide corrosive?

Solid sodium hydroxide [Na(OH)] is corrosive. Depending on the concentration, solutions of sodium hydroxide are non-irritating, irritating or corrosive and they cause direct local effects on the skin, eyes and gastrointestinal tracts.

What is the product of sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid?

A reaction between sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide is of an acid-base type, or is also known as a neutralization reaction. In this process, both compounds undergo a reaction to neutralize the acid and base properties. The products of this process are salt and water .

What is the viscosity of sodium hydroxide?

Sodium hydroxide has a characteristic viscosity that adds to its storage difficulties and chemical hazards. At 68°F (20°C), a 50% NaOH solution will have a viscosity rating around 78cp (centipoise; 1cp = 1mPas).

How is sodium hydroxide prepared?

Sodium hydroxide ( NaOH ) is prepared by the salt sodium chloride via electrolysis known as chlor-alkali electrolytic method. In this process chlorine gas is given of at the anode and hydrogen gas at the cathode.