What is Serge Gainsbourg known for?

Serge Gainsbourg was the dirty old man of popular music; a French singer/songwriter and provocateur notorious for his voracious appetite for alcohol, cigarettes, and women, his scandalous, taboo-shattering output made him a legend in Europe but only a cult figure in America, where his lone hit “Je T’Aime…

Is Serge Gainsbourg still alive?

Deceased (1928–1991)
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Where is Serge Gainsbourg from?

4th arrondissement, Paris, France
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Why is Serge Gainsbourg controversial?

In 1984 Gainsbourg wrote a song, Lemon incest, that he performed with Charlotte, the daughter he had with Birkin, who was then 12 and who is now an actress in her own right. The sexually suggestive lyrics and the accompanying video, which show father and daughter lying on a double bed, caused controversy at the time.

Did Serge Gainsbourg take drugs?

Gainsbourg, who smoked five packs of unfiltered Gitane cigarettes a day, died on 2 March 1991 of a heart attack, a month shy of his 63rd birthday. He was buried in the Jewish section of the Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris. French President François Mitterrand said of him, “He was our Baudelaire, our Apollinaire …

What is Serge Gainsbourg most famous song?

1. Le poinçonneur des lilas

1 Requiem pour un c… – Bande originale du film “Le pacha” Serge Gainsbourg 2:50
2 L’eau à la bouche – BOF “L’eau à la bouche” Serge Gainsbourg 2:30
3 Sous le soleil exactement Serge Gainsbourg 2:51
4 Ces petits riens Serge Gainsbourg 2:02
5 Couleur café Serge Gainsbourg 2:10

Who is Serge Gainsbourg daughter?

Charlotte Gainsbourg
Natacha Gainsbourg
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Did Jane Birkin do drugs?

Suicide was suspected, but not proved; she had struggled with depression and drug and alcohol addiction. Birkin had popped into the chemist’s and glanced at some pedicure products.

Who was banned from Top of the Pops?

Sir Ralph Halpern banned smiley t-shirts from Top Shop and TOTP went ‘mental, mental’, reluctantly playing the video once but not permitting a live performance. D Mob’s risible dance-floor mash-up ‘We Call It Acieeed’ may have been removed from our screens but it did jack into the charts at No. 3.

Why did Jane leave Serge?

She nonchalantly jumped into the Seine and then “clambered out and we gaily walked home arm in arm,” recalled Jane in an interview. Birkin called it quits in 1980 due to Gainsbourg’s increasing alcoholism and violence as a result of that.

How old was Serge Gainsbourg when he was born?

Serge Gainsbourg was born on April 2, 1928 in Paris, France as Lucien Ginsburg.

What kind of word play did Serge Gainsbourg use?

Serge Gainsbourg. His lyrical works incorporated a vast amount of clever word play to hoodwink the listener, often for humorous, provocative, satirical or subversive reasons. Common types of word play in his songs include mondegreen, onomatopoeia, rhyme, spoonerism, dysphemism, paraprosdokian and pun.

Where did Serge Gainsbourg go to art school?

In 1945 Gainsbourg enrolled in the prestigious art school École Supérieure Des Beaux Arts, to pursue painting. Two years later he also enrolled in a music school while continuing his art studies. He started dating Elisabeth Levitsky, secretary to poet Georges Hugnet and a part-time model, and she began supporting him financially.

When did Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg meet?

In mid-1968 Gainsbourg fell in love with the younger English singer and actress Jane Birkin, whom he met during the shooting of the film Slogan. Their relationship lasted over a decade. In 1971 they had a daughter, the actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg.