What is Med 125 on my W-2?

SEC 125 is your employer’s benefit plan. It is also known as a “cafeteria plan”. Usually, what is reported there is your medical insurance premiums that are paid with pre-tax income. They are not taxed and are not included in your W-2 Box 1 wages so you can not deduct them as medical expenses.

What is Med pre-tax on my paycheck?

A pre-tax medical premium is deducted from the employee’s pay before any income taxes or payroll taxes are withheld and then paid to the insurance company. This can deliver savings of up to 40%, depending on your tax bracket.

What does s125 mean on W-2 Box 14?

Box 14 s125 is for the amount of premiums that you paid tax free under an employer’s Section 125 (or Cafeteria) benefits plan. It does not reduce your refund.

How can I reduce taxes on my paycheck?

To adjust your withholding is a pretty simple process. You need to submit a new W-4 to your employer, giving the new amounts to be withheld. If too much tax is being taken from your paycheck, decrease the withholding on your W-4. If too little is being taken, increase the withheld amount.

What are Section 125 benefits?

What Is a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan? A Section 125 plan is part of the IRS code that enables and allows employees to take taxable benefits, such as a cash salary, and convert them into nontaxable benefits. These benefits may be deducted from an employee’s paycheck before taxes are paid.

Should I participate in section 125?

Consider some of the benefits of section 125 plans: Employee tax savings. Saves employees on federal, and most state and local withholding taxes while helping them pay for eligible out-of-pocket expenses. Lower taxable income.

How do I lower my taxable income?

Smart Ways to Reduce Taxable Income and Save More Money

  1. Take Advantage of Salary Sacrificing.
  2. Keep Tabs on Your Taxes.
  3. Manage Your Debt.
  4. Claim all Deductions.
  5. Pre-Pay Deductions.
  6. Donate to Charity.
  7. Max Out Your Retirement Account.
  8. Use Medicare Levy Surcharge and Private Health Insurance to Maximise Your Refund.

How are medical premiums paid under Section 125?

Under a Section 125plan, you may choose to pay your medical premiums, unreimbursed medical expenses and dependent child care before any taxes are deducted from your paycheck. 2.

Why do I need Paychex for my section 125 plan?

Paychex helps you establish and manage your POP and FSA plans with important legal documentation, compliance testing, and status reports to help keep administration on track. Offering a section 125 plan through Paychex provides the benefits of integration with Paychex payroll.

When do I pay a per participant fee for Section 125?

A per participant fee is most commonly charged when the Section 125 Plan includes the ability for employees to deposit pre-tax money into a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). In this case, the plan administration includes more than just an annual update to the Section 125 plan document.

What are the pre tax dollars for Section 125?

Pre-Tax dollars are dollars you pay for qualifying expenses under your employer’s Section 125 plan. These dollars are deducted from your gross earnings – before taxes are taken out.