What film won Best Picture in 1940?

12th Academy Awards
Site Coconut Grove, The Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles
Hosted by Bob Hope
Best Picture Gone with the Wind

Did Wizard of Oz win Best Picture?

More Stories by Hilary. The Oscars will celebrate the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, it was announced today. The film received six Oscar nominations in 1939, including one for best picture, and won Academy Awards for original score and song.

What pictures were nominated for Best Picture in 1939?

The year 1939 was one in which the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences nominated ten films for Best Picture:

  • Dark Victory.
  • Gone with the Wind (Best Picture winner)
  • Goodbye, Mr. Chips.
  • Love Affair.
  • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.
  • Ninotchka.
  • Of Mice and Men.
  • Stagecoach.

What was the first picture to win an Oscar for Best Picture?

The first official Best Picture winner was Wings, directed by William Wellman. The most expensive movie of its time, with a budget of $2 million, the movie told the story of two World War I pilots who fall for the same woman.

What movie won the 1950 Best Picture Oscar?

Best Picture
ALL ABOUT EVE (1950) Born Yesterday (1950) Father of the Bride (1950)

Is the Wizard of Oz a motion picture?

The Wizard of Oz1939
Journey Back to Oz1972The Wizard of Oz1982Oz the Great and Powerful2013
The Wizard of Oz/Movies

What movie beat Wizard of Oz for Best Picture?

Best Picture
GONE WITH THE WIND (1939) Dark Victory (1939) Love Affair (1939)
Ninotchka (1939) Of Mice and Men (1939) The Wizard of Oz (1939)