What does AUX heat mean on Trane thermostat?

auxiliary heat
“Aux” is short for auxiliary heat. If a heat pump is having a difficult time coming up to a certain temperature quickly due to extremely cold outdoor temperatures, the “aux heat” indicator means that a secondary heat source (generally gas or electric) has been deployed.

What is Trane AUX heat stage 2?

A 2-stage furnace with a 2-stage thermostat will begin in first stage (low burner, low airflow) and only go to second stage if the indoor temperature drops during first stage. This provides greater humidity control, quieter operation, and maximum air circulation, temperature distribution, and air filtration.

How do you adjust the heat on a Trane thermostat?

Manual Control

  1. Step 1: Press and hold the ‘System Mode’ button.
  2. Step 2: To set the input temperature setting, all you have to do is push the up or down buttons.
  3. Step 3: If you wish to override the manual temperature, Press the Hold button on the thermostat.

How do you turn on a Trane thermostat?

  1. Press the “Set Clock/Day/Schedule” button and then select the “Set Schedule” button to start the programming feature on your Trane thermostat.
  2. Change the “Wake” time for your “Weekday” setting by pressing the up or down arrow button.

How often should auxiliary heat come on?

To recap, auxiliary, or emergency heat should only be on when the outside temperature is below freezing. Down here in the south, that should mostly happen at night and during the occasional snowstorm. However, if the weather is warmer and above the freezing level, your auxiliary heat should automatically turn off.

Why would auxiliary heat come on?

The AUX heat setting on an HVAC unit usually turns on when you need heat fast. If this secondary heating system is constantly running, it may mean that the weather outside is very cold or that the thermostat is set higher than normal. It’s also possible that a part of the heat pump is malfunctioning.

What does permanent hold mean on Trane thermostat?

By pressing “Hold”, your thermostat will lock in the temperature it’s currently at until you change it again. When you are ready for your normal schedule to resume, simply press the “Run” button and return to your typical programming.

How do I identify my Trane thermostat?

The serial number label is located on the rear panel of the outdoor unit. The serial number label is located on the top, right-rear of the outdoor unit.

Is it normal for AUX heat to come on?

The temperature outside is below 35° Usually, once outdoor temperatures fall below 35°, a heat pump will struggle to keep your home warm and will automatically switch to AUX heat. If it’s an unusually cold Arizona day, it’s normal to see AUX heat on your thermostat.