What are some examples of this figurative language?

Here are 10 common figures of speech and some examples of the same figurative language in use:

  • Simile.
  • Metaphor.
  • Personification.
  • Onomatopoeia.
  • Oxymoron.
  • Hyperbole.
  • Litotes.
  • Idiom.

What is an example of a figurative device?

One common form of connection in literary devices is comparison. Metaphors and similes are the most obvious examples of comparison. A metaphor is a direct comparison of two things—“the tree is a giant,” for example. Other literary devices forge connections in different ways.

What are examples of poems with lots of figurative language?

10 Poems To Teach Figurative Language

  • Edgar Allan Poe: “Annabel Lee,” hyperbole.
  • Maya Angelou: “Still I Rise,” consonance.
  • Langston Hughes: “Harlem (Dream Deferred),” simile.
  • William Shakespeare: “Sonnet 18,” metaphor.
  • Elizabeth Alexander: “Butter,” alliteration.
  • Walter Dean Myers: “Summer,” imagery.

Is poetry a figurative language?

In poetry, we frequently use figurative language, because it can be more meaningful, vivid, and expressive.

What do you mean when someone says figurative language?

If you hear someone talking about figurative language, you can usually safely assume they are referring to language that uses figures of speech to play with the meaning of words and, perhaps, with the way that language sounds or feels. There are many, many types of figures of speech that can be involved in figurative language.

Which is an example of a figurative device?

There are many types of figurative language, including literary devices such as simile, metaphor, personification, and many pun examples, to name just a few. The definition of figurative language is opposite to that of literal language, which involves only the “proper” or dictionary definitions of words.

How is figurative language like a dance routine?

Figurative language refers to language that contains figures of speech, while figures of speech are the particular techniques. If figurative speech is like a dance routine, figures of speech are like the various moves that make up the routine. It’s a common misconception that imagery, or vivid descriptive language,…

Which is an example of the use of personification?

Using personification affects the way readers imagine things, and it sparks an interest in the subject. An example of personification is, “The sun greeted me when I woke up in the morning.” The sun is a non-human object but has been given human characteristics since greetings can only be performed by living creatures.