Is there a duologue for 2 female actors?

2 Female Actresses (below) “Don’t Sacrifice Yourself” environmental themed duologue for 2 actors from published play “Why Don’t They Care What Happens to the Earth?” ISBN-13: 9781533224668 These scripts may be used for FREE but PLEASE do NOT repost the TEXT of any script online in any way.

What’s the name of the two women comedy script?

Here is a short comedy called Common Practice. MARLA instructs JANE on how to keep her man within her control French styled cafe in the big city. Day. Two women, polar opposites (one is hyper business, the other hyper chill)

Who are the Private Eyes in funny dialogues?

In 1970s Los Angeles, a mismatched pair of private eyes investigate a missing girl and the mysterious death of a porn star. Judith Kuttner: Well my situation is very delicate. Jackson Healy: I… That’s where I know you from, right, the TV. You’re prosecuting that car company thing.

Are there any funny monologues for teenage girls?

If you are a teenager these monologues will fit your age group. If you know any other funny monologues for girls that you think should be included in this section, don’t hesitate to contact us. Baby-sitter Debbie Jellinsky tries to seduce uncle Fester to steal all his money.

How to choose the Best Musical Theatre duet?

Compiling this list of musical theatre duets was a real joy. I also really loved organizing it into subsections because…I love lists. So. Much. Anyhow, I‘ve already written a very detailed post on choosing a standout audition song. It walks you through seven steps to figuring out if the song is right for you and the show you’re auditioning for!

What’s the best song to sing with two people?

If you are looking for the best karaoke duets, also consider top karaoke songs that can be sung by 2 people. I few ideas include: Build me Up Buttercup (The Foundations) I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys) Just a Friend (Biz Markie) Livin’ on a Prayer (Bon Jovi) Africa (Toto) OK, that’s our list of the best songs to karaoke duet.

Can a brother and sister sing a duet?

As with solos, with musical theatre duets it is even more crucial for you to understand the context of your song as well as the mood of the entire show. If you choose a duet between a brother and sister, but perform it like they’re in love…things could get awkward. Fast.