Is Southwick Country Park free?

There is free parking and free entry into the park, so if you are looking for an activity that truly costs you nothing then look no further.

How much is Southwick Country Park?

Southwick Country Park is 150 acres of fields and woodland. There are paths and a small picnic area, entrance is free because there are no staff and no facilities.

Is Southwick Country Park open?

A Trowbridge pensioner has criticised the “absurdity and inconsistency” of the Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown rules. “I hope that soon common sense can prevail and you can allow people to drive to that facility and use the car park.” …

Where is Southwick Country Park in Trowbridge Wiltshire?

Southwick Country Park is 150 acres of old farmland, situated in the parish of Southwick, just on the western edge of Wiltshire’s County Town of Trowbridge. It lies south of Lambrok Stream and west of the A361, between Trowbridge and Southwick. The main entrance and car park is at the bottom of Firs Hill.

When was Southwick Country Park nature reserve photographed?

It is a new species for our lists, seen and photographed in the reserve on Tuesday, July 13th. Have you seen the male broad bodied chasers fighting for territory in spectacular aerial dog fights over the pond?

Are there sparrowhawks in Southwick Country Park?

A pair of sparrowhawks has been seen hunting in the park. “I talk to the trees, but they don’t listen to me.” This was part of a lyric to a song some of our older nature reserve walkers will remember. Well, there is a possibility that the lyric writer might have been mistaken.

Are there grey squirrels in Southwick Country Park?

A harlequin ladybird nymph photographed yesterday in the reserve by Ian Bushell. Most of the reserve’s grey squirrels will have two litters of young this year. The first litter was born in the spring, and is now ready to be weaned in preparation for leaving the nest and the care of their mother.