Is Helsinki good for nightlife?

Nightlife Helsinki. Visitors flock in Finland for its natural beauty, Christmas markets and see the wonderful Northern Lights. Even at night, The Finnish capital offers visitors a good variety of options for night entertainment, thanks to the many nightclubs are located in the city center.

Does Finland have good nightlife?

Nightlife in Finland Finns are enthusiastic party people, and going out is usually a lively affair, even in small towns. Friday and Saturday are the big party nights, but many locals break the week by going out on ‘little Saturday’ – Wednesday night – when things can get as lively as they do at weekends.

Is there a red light district in Helsinki?

I also took a tour of the famous Kallio district, which is known as the Red Light District in Helsinki. Kallio is Helsinki’s hippest neighborhood these days with some of the best vintage things to be found in the city. Here I went to a place called “Made in Kallio”.

What to do on a Friday night in Helsinki?

7 Must-Things To Do In Helsinki At Night. Tripedia.

  • Get sweating. Picture Credits:
  • Bar hop in Kallio. Picture Credits:
  • Relax in a park. Picture Credits:
  • Go to the beach. Picture Credits:
  • Lounge in a cafe. Picture Credits:
  • Nighttime ice-skating.
  • Shop in the Design District.
  • Is Helsinki a party city?

    Northern Europe is famous for its wid night clubs, and Helsinki is no exception to the stereotype. Several clubs move outdoors in the summer so partygoers can dance and drink outside under the midnight sun.

    Is Finland a party place?

    Finland is a place where nightlife is quite different than in other European countries. So, if you’re visiting the country and want to experience the Finland nightlife, then here are some of the handpicked nightclubs which will definitely give you the vibe of enjoying the after dark hours.

    Is there a red light district in Finland?

    Take a stroll down restaurant-and-bar-lined Vaasankatu, if only for the sleaze factor: it’s the only red-light district in Finland that I know of. Helsinki’s size… is one of its best features, and without exhausting myself I can easily walk or jump on a City Bike between destinations and feel freedom.

    Does Finland have 24 hours of darkness?

    Midnight sun and polar night This can last as long as 50 days in northern Finland. North of the Arctic Circle, the sun is above the horizon for 24 continuous hours at least once per year and below the horizon for 24 continuous hours at least once per year.

    What is the nightlife like in Helsinki Finland?

    Helsinki, Finland » Entertainment » Nightlife. Helsinki is a compact city with many bars and clubs within walking distance of each other. To discover some of the exclusive specials at each locations, plan your pub-crawl from some of our top favourites. The Finns are a gregarious lot who love to drink party and enjoy life.

    What’s the best time to go dancing in Helsinki?

    Clubs in Helsinki frequently don’t open before 10 pm and shut down at 4 am. At most dance clubs, you must be 20 to get in. Here are the 13 best and most well-known bars and nightclubs in Helsinki, Finland. In case you’re searching for Helsinki nightlife with class, go party at the Tiger (already The Lux).

    What kind of music do they play in Helsinki?

    The club plays all kinds of music from The Beatles to Robbie Williams and radio dance but mostly specializes in Finnish pop. The bar stocks an impressive range of spirits and liqueurs and you may well have a go at their large selection of beer, ciders, whiskies, Brandy’s, cocktails and cigars.

    Where to go in Helsinki for gay pride?

    Helsinki boasts many gay-friendly cafes, restaurants and hotels. Start the day with breakfast at Kallio’s Bear Park Café. In the evening friends of leather can head to Hercules Gay Night Club. To learn more and to plan your visit around Helsinki and its nightlife, read’s article Helsinki LGBTQ+: cafés, bars and nightclubs.