Is Alec in love with Magnus?

Magnus consoled his boyfriend, telling him that he wouldn’t be any more ready to lose him in the future than he was “right now”, which he firmly said was “not at all.” Revealing he had truly fallen in love with Alec and wanted him forever.

Does Alec break up with Magnus?

However, Magnus came home, drunk and depressed over not having his magic anymore. Asmodeus agrees to return his son’s magic and immortality for a price: Alec must break up with Magnus and can’t tell him why. (Freeform) “You are the source of all of his suffering,” Asmodeus says.

What episode does Alec say he loves Magnus?

Malec 2×10
Malec 2×10 Alec tells Magnus he loves him – YouTube.

Is Magnus Bane black?

Magnus was born to a half-Dutch and half-Indonesian woman and the Prince of Hell Asmodeus in the 17th century in Jakarta, Indonesia, back then known as Batavia of the Dutch East Indies.

Does Alec hate Clary?

Alec instantly disliked Clary and her mundane friend Simon and was unwilling to trust them, even more so when Jace seemed so drawn and even attracted to Clary. Alec became rather jealous of Clary and the attention Jace gave her.

Does Alec cheat on Magnus shadowhunters?

ALEC WILL NEVER CHEAT ON MAGNUS NO MATTER WHAT | Malec, Shadowhunters malec, Shadowhunters.

Does Alec and Magnus get married?

Magnus and Alec’s wedding was obviously very highly anticipated this year, so how much pressure did you guys feel to get it right to honor this relationship? So you just couldn’t follow the path that was set in the prior wedding on the show. It really had never been done before.

Does Alec become a vampire?

When Camille refused to tell him and asked for something else in return, Alec attacked her and Camille fought back. She eventually admitted that there was no way to make him immortal without black magic or Turning him into a vampire, much to his chagrin, and that his only option was to make Magnus mortal.

Who is Magnus Bane in the Shadowhunters series?

Magnus Lightwood-Bane is an immortal, very powerful warlock who has lived for centuries. He is the husband of Alec Lightwood and is the first-ever High Warlock of Alicante .

Who are the main characters in the show Shadowhunters?

Shadowhunters follows Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara), who finds out on her birthday that she is not who she thinks she is but rather comes from a long line of Shadowhunters, human–angel hybrids who hunt down demons.

How did Magnus wake Jocelyn up in Shadowhunters?

When the Book was finally found in Camille’s apartment, Magnus was able to perform the spell and successfully woke Jocelyn. Magnus continued his pattern of helping others, even Shadowhunters, now that his life was so intertwined with them due to the events of the past few weeks.

How many episodes of Shadowhunters are there in the series?

In June 2018, Freeform canceled the series after three seasons, but ordered two extra episodes to properly conclude the series’ story. During the course of the series, 55 episodes of Shadowhunters aired over three seasons.