How tall is Elena SF?

183 cm tall
Elena is 183 cm tall and weighs 52 kg, her measurements are B83 / W58 / H88, and her birthday is on September 18. She has a tomboyish but light-hearted personality, and loves music and dance.

Is Elena in Street Fighter 5?

Cameo appearances. Elena can be seen in the background of the Beach stage in Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix. Elena also makes an appearance in G’s arcade ending in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

Who is the shortest in Street Fighter?

Based on her Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX in-game profile and the Street Fighter V website, Ingrid is the shortest and lightest playable Street Fighter character to date, standing at only 5′ (152 cm) and weighing 86 lbs (39 kg).

How tall is SFV?

How is Sagat 6’5, 216 lbs and G is 6’7, 330 lbs.

Is Dudley black?

Dudley is the second black British character in the series, the first being Birdie. He also is the third black boxer after Balrog, and Mike.

Who is the heaviest Street Fighter character?

Gill is the heaviest playable character in the Street Fighter series so far; he is even heavier than Abigail by 200 lb, who weighs 584 lbs (265 kg), despite being shorter than the Final Fight character by over a foot. This may have been calculated with his “wings” in mind.

How tall is Elena from Street Fighter 3?

Elena makes light of her unusual accent in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike during one of her win quotes, saying, “My accent? I must have picked it up during my travels!”. Standing 6 feet (183 centimetres) tall, Elena is the tallest female to appear in the history of the series.

Who is the tallest female in Street Fighter?

She is a light hearted, nature-loving capoeira fighter from Kenya who is currently studying abroad. Elena is uncommonly tall for a female; being 6′ (183cm) tall, she is currently the tallest female in the Street Fighter series.

Where did Elena from Street Fighter go to college?

During the third World Warrior tournament, Elena wanted to travel around the world and meet new friends. She has a light hearted personality and doesn’t take fighting as seriously as other fighters. She studied as an exchange student in Japan, where she met her best friend Narumi. She later continued her studies in France.

How is Elena similar to Dee Jay Street Fighter EX?

Elena has similar traits to Dee Jay. They are both dark-skinned, happy-go-lucky fighters who fight barefoot, using dance moves, and talk about rhythms and beats in their win quotes. Street Fighter EX character Pullum Purna also has similar traits to Elena; they are both dark-skinned females who use dance moves in their respective fighting styles.