How much does an apicoectomy cost?

What Is the Average Cost of an Apicoectomy? Without insurance, most apicoectomies cost between $900 and $1,300. However, the cost of an apicoectomy varies based on the experience and qualifications of the endodontist, the region, the type of tooth, local rates and other factors.

What is the success rate of apicoectomy?

Some statistics demonstrate as high as about 85% of apicoectomy procedures are successful long-term, while others show the success rate as low as 25%. With the help of advanced dental technology, the success rate is often higher than average and the recovery period is more favorable.

Is an apicoectomy more painful than a root canal?

An apicoectomy may have a longer, more painful recovery time than a root canal. For many patients, the portion of their face around the treated tooth swells and bruises. You may also feel pain for a day or two after your procedure. Your sutures will remain in up to a week, depending on the specifics of your procedure.

What are the signs and symptoms of a failed apicoectomy?

Following your apicoectomy, you should closely monitor your teeth and gums for signs of treatment failure or infection. If your pain worsens, swelling increases, or you notice signs of infection like sores on the gums, inflammation, or fever, please call Dr. Bishop and her team right away.

How painful is a apicoectomy?

Most patients experience little-or-no discomfort during an apicoectomy. In fact, this procedure is often less invasive than the preceding root canal procedure, and involves a shorter and less painful recovery.

Is an apicoectomy worth it?

Apicoectomy success rate Apicoectomies are considered routine outpatient dental procedures. A 2020 study found that about 97 percent of cases still experienced excellent results following apical surgery up to 5 years later, and good results in more than 75 percent of cases after 10 to 13 years.

How painful is apicoectomy?

How long does it take for gums to heal after apicoectomy?

How long is the recovery period? While an apicoectomy is considered a surgical procedure, discomfort is usually minimal. Dr. Babiuk will remove stitches 2 to 7 days after the procedure, and swelling and soreness usually diminish after two weeks.

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