How much does a precast concrete block cost?

COST OF A SIMPLE PRECAST BLOCK This “eco-block” is a block of concrete generally 2 ft wide x 2 ft tall x 4 ft long and would typically cost $375 to $425 per cubic yard. They have a groove on the side, and they are stacked and interlocked to create wall systems generally used to separate material stockpiles.

How much does a concrete catch basin cost?

A concrete catch basin costs $2,000 to $5,000 for installation. That price includes all connections and complete installation.

How much does 24 concrete pipe cost?

Rubber Joint Concrete Pipe (RJ) Prices are per Linear Foot
Reinforced Pipe ASTM C-76
18″ 30.50
21″ 39.85
24″ 46.90

Can you put a French drain under driveway?

When installing a French drain under a driveway or road, we use heavy duty structural corrugated drain pipe, not the stuff from the big box stores which can collapse if a truck drives over it. We also bury our French drains at least 12”-18” deep to avoid collapse.

Is it expensive to restore a water basin?

What Is The Average Cost To Rebuild A Catch Basin? The costs range from $2,500.00 – $5,000.00 per catch basin depending on if the frame and grate need to be removed, how many rows of cinder blocks need to be replaced and if the perimeter patch is gping to be asphalt or concrete.

What is Class 3 concrete pipe?

Class III pipe is designed to pass a D-load test (see ASTM C497) of 1350 lbs/ft/ft of diameter. Therefore, whether RCP is specified as B-wall or C-wall, Class III pipe must pass the same D-load test. The thinner B-wall design requires additional reinforcing steel to handle the required D-load.

What does 36 RCP weigh?

Reinforced Concrete Pipe | ASTM C76 (Tongue and Groove Joints | Rubber Gasket Joints)

SIZE (Diameter inches) CLASS WEIGHT (LBS/LF)
36 III IV V 533
42 III IV V 697
48 III IV V 883
54 III IV V 1,114

Who is South Houston concrete pipe and drainage?

South Houston Concrete Pipe has built its reputation by supplying its customers with quality products, competitive pricing, and outstanding service. We look forward to being your supplier of concrete pipe and drainage products.

What are catch basins used for in Houston?

Catch Basins is used to collect rainwater surface drainage, often referred to as inlets. South Houston Concrete Pipe manufacturers many types of catch basins and inlets to meet city, county, and state specifications.

Who is Locke solutions, Houston precast concrete manufacturer?

Locke Solutions – Houston Precast & Custom Concrete Manufacturer. Precast Division. Your Personal Precast Division. Or at least you’ll feel that way. We’re building our precast business one great client at a time.

How big are concrete junction boxes and catch basins?

We produce our 24” and 18” junction boxes and catch basins in both 2 feet and 3 feet depths. Customized risers available to provide additional depth. Concrete ASAP also carries a wide variety of cast iron frames and grates for the customer’s option in purchasing the standard grate, a narrow-slotted grate/ADA or solid cover.