How do you soften lauhala?


  1. pandanus (lauhala) leaves.
  2. Steps:
  3. Clean the leaves.
  4. Shave the leaves with a small knife to remove the thorns.
  5. Soften the leaves by rolling them through a pasta machine.
  6. Cut the leaves 18 to 20 inches long.
  7. Cut the leaves into 1/8-inch-wide strips with a homemade stripper.

What is Lauhala weaving?

It means “look to the source” or “look to the teacher.” As with many Hawaiian cultural arts, the art of lauhala weaving is best learned directly from kumu (teacher) to student. In the process, very personal relationships are formed between the two and can last for decades.

What is lauhala made of?

Leaves are collected dry, either from the ground or picked from the tree after they turn brown. It takes time to clean the leaves to make them pliable for weaving. The abundance of hala trees in Kona made it a hotbed for lauhala weaving.

How do you prepare pandanus leaves for weaving?

Further laughter followed when we started to strip the pandanus leaves down to prepare them for weaving. You strip each individual leaf in half, and then create an edge, like you would on a roll of sticky tape, before peeling back to reveal the actual fibres of the pandanus.

What was lauhala used for?

Early Hawaiians used the method of lauhala to create boat sails, baskets, hats and mats. They were innovative in their use of native Hawaiian plants. As we discovered during the lauhala session, using the land’s resources was an important skill for the early Hawaiians and is still a source of cultural pride.

How do you weave a grass hat?

Weaving a Pillbox hat from grass

  1. You will need 8 short blades of grass and one long garland of lily grass to weave with.
  2. Weave in the blades of grass in an “over and under” pattern.
  3. Weave in the long garland of grass.
  4. Let the one leg of the grass extend.
  5. And under.
  6. Fold the blade of grass down and weave.

What is the English name for lauhala?

1 : textile screw pine. 2a : dried pandanus leaves used as a material for weaving a handbag of lauhala. b : a Polynesian mat woven of dried pandanus leaves.

How long do Papale hats last?

The green pāpale will start to patina (transition in color) within a few days and be completely tan within ten to twelve days.) Although water resistant (you can wear in the ocean,) store your pāpale in a dry place for longevity. This should last you many years to come!

What does lauhala mean in Hawaiian?

Lauhala, lau meaning “leaf” in the Hawaiian language, refers to the leaves of the hala tree (Pandanus tectorius).

How is Lomandra prepared for weaving?

Lomandra longifolia ….. It’s an idea to harvest dried plant material as this can save you a lot of time. In order to use most plant matter for basket weaving, you first dry it, then soak it for hours to make it pliable for weaving.

What is a pandanus mat?

A small triangular mat made of pandanus fibre used to be worn by women during ceremonial gatherings, tied around their back and covering them at the front. …