How do I contact Ticketline?

The Ticketline Network Limited is committed to ensuring the privacy of your information….Customer Services.

Customer Services Hotline
Customer Services Ticketline PO Box 4061 Manchester M60 1YT
Opening Hours
Monday to Friday Saturday to Sunday 10.00 – 18.00 10.00 – 16.00
Outside these hours, try our Sales Hotline

Is Ticketline a legitimate website?

Ticketline is an example of a legitimate, primary ticket outlet and is a member of STAR, look for the STAR logo on any site that you want to buy tickets from and think twice if it isn’t there.

Can I get a refund on my Kendal Calling ticket?

REFUNDS: All tickets are non-transferable except by authorised agents. If you’re paying via payment plan then you would need to wait until you complete your payment plan in June or pay off your balance now by contacting your ticket seller to put your ticket on Twickets.

Can you get day tickets for Kendal Calling?

Flick through our handy guide below, detailing which ticket types there are at the festival. As Kendal Calling is on for the weekend, we don’t do day tickets – so why not join us for the full weekend instead!

How do I change my address on Ticketline?

What do I do if I move house/change my address? Please reply to your confirmation email (ensuring that you include the email we sent you) and request a change of address. If you fail to do so, we cannot accept responsibility for tickets sent to your old address.

Is Fanticks safe?

Fanticks is a secure, easily to use fan-to-fan ticket re-sell marketplace that puts you the fan first. It is our aim to ensure tickets are traded with real fans ethically. We have an extensive database of events in the UK and our moderation team ensure tickets are valid and sold at the face value or less.

Will Kendal Calling be Cancelled?

Kendal Calling 2021 has been cancelled, the festival’s organisers have confirmed. The event, which had been due to take place from July 29-August 1, had been set to welcome the likes of Supergrass, The Streets and Blossoms this summer.

Is Kendal Calling going ahead this year?

Organisers of the Kendal Calling festival have blamed the government’s “complete absence of any guidance” for their decision to cancel again. About 25,000 people were expected to attend the four-day music and arts festival. …

How long does it take for concert tickets to be refunded?

It can sometimes take a while for a refund to appear back onto your card, as once it’s processed on our side there can be a few days in between before it’s claimed by your bank. Please allow up to 15 days after the refund has been processed to appear.

How do I know if I bought a refundable ticket?

Yes, some airline tickets are refundable. However, it will depend on which airline you’re flying with and the type of fare you buy. To buy fully refundable flight tickets, search for flights using the search form at the top of the page. Once the flight results have loaded, select the ‘refundable’ flight filter.

Where do I Send my Tickets to be refunded?

In order to fulfil any refund requests, we reserve the right to require the ticketholder to return any physical tickets or, in the case of e-tickets, suitable evidence of payment and/or a covering note containing your order reference number and contact details. Tickets should be returned to Ticketline, PO Box 4061, Manchester, M60 1YT.

Can You refund a ticket with ticketplan protection?

We review all refund applications in line with the TicketPlan protection terms and conditions. However, at this point in the process, please be aware that TicketPlan protection does not cover refund applications for:

Which is the best online ticket refund service?

TicketPlan provides an easy to use online application facility in order to ensure that the refund process is as quick, easy and efficient as possible. “TicketPlan is a useful product which enables the Festival to provide cancellation protection to our ticket purchasers. All in all good for the Festival goer and us. I’d be happy to recommend it.”

What happens if my ticket is cancelled on Ticketline?

If the Event is cancelled in full (and not rescheduled), and the Event Organiser enables and authorises refunds, your order will be cancelled and you will receive a corresponding refund for your tickets. However, booking and/or handling fees will not be refunded as Event cancellations are outside our control.