Does Texas HB 300 expand training requirements?

In addition to expanding the definition of a “covered entity,” mandatory customized employee training regarding state and federal patient privacy and security laws is one of the significant changes to the Texas Act through the adoption of HB 300.

What is Texas House Bill 300?

Texas HB 300 introduced new standards for handling electronic health records. Texas HB 300 requires covered entities to provide copies of PHI much more rapidly – Within 15 days of a written request being received.

What are ways that Texas HB 300 expands individual privacy protections beyond HIPAA except?

Texas House Bill 300 Significantly Expands State’s Patient Privacy Protections for Covered Entities

  • revising the definition of a “covered entity”;
  • increasing mandates on covered entities, including requiring customized employee training;
  • establishing standards for the use of electronic health records (“EHRs”);

How often do you need HB 300 training?

twice every two years
How often must HB300 be trained on? All employees who work or do business in the state of Texas, must complete Texas HB300 within 60 days of hire. After initial training, ongoing training needs to be taken every year or at least twice every two years.

What is the minimum necessary standard?

The minimum necessary standard requires covered entities to evaluate their practices and enhance safeguards as needed to limit unnecessary or inappropriate access to and disclosure of protected health information.

What is the Texas Medical Privacy Act?

HIPAA allows covered entities to market virtually all types of health products, with a few restrictions, without obtaining authorization from the individual. The Texas Medical Privacy Act prohibits any release of PHI for marketing purposes without consent or authorization from the individual.

Why did Texas legislators enact House Bill 300?

Texas H.B. 300 introduced new standards for handling electronic health records. Texas H.B. 300 requires covered entities to provide copies of PHI much more rapidly – Within 15 days of a written request being received.

What is minimum necessary disclosure?

Minimum Necessary is the process that is defined in the HIPAA regulations: When using or disclosing protected health information or when requesting protected health information from another covered entity, a covered entity must make reasonable efforts to limit protected health information to the minimum necessary to …

Which of the following can be considered ePHI except?

Question 11 – All of the following are ePHI, EXCEPT: Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Computer databases with treatment history. Answer: Paper medical records – the e in ePHI stands for electronic.

What is not required by HIPAA’s minimum necessary rule?

The minimum necessary standard does not apply to the following: Disclosures to or requests by a health care provider for treatment purposes. Disclosures to the individual who is the subject of the information. Uses or disclosures made pursuant to an individual’s authorization.

What does minimum necessary stand for?

What does “minimum necessary” mean? When using any PHI, an entity must make reasonable efforts to limit it self to the minimum necessary to accomplish the intended purpose of the use, disclosure, or request.

What are the laws in Texas for HB 300?

Texas HB 300 amended four laws in Texas: The Texas Health and Safety Code (Chapters 181 and 182), the Texas Business and Commerce Code (Sections 521 and 522), the Texas Government Code (Chapter 531), and the Texas Insurance Code (Chapter 602) and introduced tougher privacy protections for health data than HIPAA.

Is there training for HIPAA and Texas HB 300?

Yes our training covers both HIPAA as well as Texas HB 300. We have a separate chapter that specifically covers Texas HB 300. How do I signup for the Texas version of the training? First select the proper training category from the products menu (ie, HIPAA for Healthcare Providers, HIPAA for Business Associates, etc).

What are the penalties for not complying with HB 300?

As with HIPAA, the penalties for noncompliance with Texas HB 300 are broken down into tiers: Tier 1: Up to $5,000 per violation, per year, for violations due to negligence Tier 2: Up to $25,000 per violation, per year, for a knowing or intentional violation

Which is the most stringent law in Texas?

Texas has some of the most stringent laws in the United States as far as health data is concerned which are detailed in Texas HB 300 (Texas House Bill 300). Texas HB 300 was passed by the Texas legislature in June 2011 and was signed into law by Texas Governor Rick Perry.