Does Priceline still let you bid on cars?

Priceline will no longer offer “Name Your Own Price” rental car deals starting today. Rather than bidding on rental cars and finding out later if they have a reservation, travelers will now know their price ahead of booking and will immediately get that booking confirmed.

Does Priceline still let you Name Your Own Price?

If you’re here wondering where “Name Your Own Price” has gone, Priceline has removed it since early 2020. They pulled it from the platform without any major announcement which is why you probably didn’t know.

Does Priceline guarantee car rentals?

Priceline’s Name Your Own Price® reservation service is different from published price travel sites. The prices do not include taxes and fees. There is no guarantee that specific rental cars, dates or prices will be available.

Can you bid on rental cars?

But in some situations, you can make the process of finding a rental car more like an auction than a gamble. Such is the case with Priceline, which allows its website users to bid on rental cars. The company claims customers can save as much as 40 percent on their rental car reservations by using this method.

Why did Priceline stop name your price?

The company has quietly axed its Name-Your-Own-Price tool, saying it would instead focus on set-price airfares that are easier and faster to book. “We’ve removed the need for the consumer to bid,” Brigit Zimmerman,’s senior vice president of air and vacation packages told The Wall Street Journal.

Can you no longer bid on Priceline? ended its Name Your Own Price bidding service for car rentals Monday, as it did for flights in 2016. With the demise of Name Your Own Price for flights and cars, customers can opt to use Priceline’s Express Deals feature, which presents discounted rates with no bidding required.

How do you get the best deal on Priceline?

  1. Bid on Priceline Hotels Rooms.
  2. Bid on Rental Cars.
  3. Know Your Bidding Rules.
  4. Save Up to 60% on Priceline Hotels with Express Deals.
  5. Join the Free Membership Program.
  6. Find a Cruise with Fringe Benefits.
  7. Priceline Hotel Freebies.
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