Do you lose weight on the Whole30?

The Whole30 isn’t a weight loss diet. You won’t count or restrict calories, skip meals, or eliminate carbs. You’ll eat real, whole food to satiety, with no pills, powders, or shakes required. We even ask that you stay off the scale and away from body measurements for 30 days—that’s how serious we are!

How long until I see results from Whole30?

While radical health improvements can take place in just 30 days, when you put it into context, decades of less than healthy behavior often can’t compete with 30 days of Whole30. Fat adaption (teaching your body to use fat as fuel) takes time.

Can you eat as much as you want on Whole30?

There’s no counting macros, calories, or anything else on Whole30, and while you’re encouraged to eat until you’re full, there are no restrictions on how much you can eat. You’re also not allowed to weigh yourself or take measurements during the experience to keep the focus on how you feel rather than a size or number.

Can you exercise on Whole30?

For most Whole30’ers who are interested in staying active and healthy, following the Whole30 meal template, focusing on nutrient-dense foods, and taking the time to plan your meals around your training sessions or activity will help you achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals.

Does Whole30 make you poop a lot?

Many Whole30 dieters see some type of shift in their bowel movements during the 30 days. “I poop all the damn time,” wrote one Whole30 blogger.

Do you gain weight after Whole30?

But after a 30-day wonder diet like Whole30, it’s likely weight will return if you don’t follow a few rules. Keeping the weight off is a matter of adding foods back into your diet with moderation and balance.

Do you poop a lot on Whole30?

Is vanilla extract OK on Whole30?

– Vanilla extract is now Whole30-compliant! Per the official Whole30 website, “Vanilla Extract and Other Botanical Extracts: Yes. Alcohol-based botanical extracts (like vanilla, lemon or rosemary) are allowed during your Whole30 program.

Why am I so hungry on Whole30?

If you’re still hungry on the Whole30 diet, you might not be consuming enough fat. In some cases, the hunger could be a result of your body and brain not reacting well to the restrictions and limitations of the diet.

What are the results of the whole 30?

My Whole30 Results. During the first two weeks, I noticed my body felt less bloated and my face had this natural glow. Even my eczema was slowly improving. By the end of the 30 days, my skin looked and felt incredible, I lost 18 pounds, and I had so much energy throughout the entire day.

Are there before and after photos of my Whole30?

Keep reading to see all of the before and after photos of my Whole30 results! This post contains affiliate links. I don’t often depart from sharing creative projects on my site, but I’ve decided to break from the norm to share about something that has been a total game-changer for me.

What foods can you eat on the whole 30 program?

On Whole30, you’re encouraged to eat real food with no added sugars or preservatives, like high-quality meat, fish, and organic vegetables. You can learn more about the Whole30 Program on or in the book, Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom