Can you bring your car to Ohio University?

Transportation & Parking Services welcomes students to campus. Several permit options are available to meet student parking needs. Ohio University boasts a pedestrian friendly campus offering transportation solutions connecting users to campus, local and regional travel destinations.

Does Ohio University allow freshman to have cars?

Freshman are only eligible to purchase select lots; therefore, options shown online will be limited for freshman students. Permits shown for sophomores and higher are equalized. A sophomore is defined as a student with 30 credit hours or more at the time of purchase.

Is there free parking at Ohio University?

After-Hours & Weekend Parking Options: The University’s dark green and purple lots are available to guests seeking free parking options during the weekdays (Monday – Thursday) after 5 pm Monday. Additionally, these lots are available parking areas after 5 pm on Friday and through 6 am on Monday morning.

Can you have a car at OU?

No. All that is required is a valid OU parking permit and either a state-issued physical disability permit OR a temporary six week disability permit issued by OU Parking Services. Both must be clearly displayed on the rearview mirror or the dashboard and must be clearly visible from the outside.

How much is an OSU parking pass?

Monthly Permits

Monthly Permits A (1, 2, 3) B (1, 2, 3)
Rate $52 $35

Where do I park at Ohio University?

All parking is handled by Ohio University Parking Services….General Visitor Info

  • Park at city metered space on the street outside the 4th floor entrance.
  • Park in the Baker University Center Parking Garage and pay the posted rate.

What can you do from the Beaver basecamp portal?

(Access your account at anytime.) Beaver Basecamp is your admissions portal to review application status, confirm enrollment, view financial aid awards, apply for on-campus housing, register for START orientation and more.

How do I find my OSU employee number?

Note: the OSU ID number is also located on the OSU ID card….With an ONID Account

  1. Sign in to with your ONID account.
  2. Click on Personal Information.
  3. Click on Display OSU ID.

Where do I get my OU ID?

To get an OU ID card, visit the Student Enrollment Center, located on the 1st Floor, Corridor C, Room 114. A $15 charge is payable at the time of service by way of cash or check only.

How much does tuition cost at OSU?

In-state tuition 11,084 USD, Out-of-state tuition 32,061 USD (2019 – 20)
The Ohio State University/Undergraduate tuition and fees