Our current collection of wedding gowns range in price from £1800 to £5000. This does not include fittings and alterations. Our policy is open and honest. We tell you up front what you might be paying in total so that you get no surprises further down the line.

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Prices for Bridal Gowns

On our website under the images of the gowns you will see a ££££ sign. If you hover over this sign it will show you the price bracket that the style of gown falls into. The price is for the gown only and doesn’t include extras such as rush order fees, alterations and changes to design.

How much are the extras?

Most gowns we stock are what we term Made to Order. The gown you will try on in the boutique is a sample gown and may well not be the right size for you. When you are ready to order we take your measurements and look at the size chart from the designer. We advise you of the best choice of size and if you agree, this is what is ordered. When your Made to Order gown arrives it will most likely need altering to fit you. The gowns generally come too long and it is quite possible that you may need to make refinements to bodices so that they fit immaculately. We can recommend some fabulous local seamstresses for you to visit for your alterations.

Some designers offer additional services such as split size (smaller top than bottom or vice versa) or fully made to measure. Some even offer a mock up called a toile for us to fit and return to them so a completely made to measure gown can be made. All of these services do come at an additional price. We only suggest using this type of service if the sizing isn’t completely straight forward. This is a discussion we can have when we have taken your measurements.

Rush order fees

In an ideal world we simply love a minimum of 7 months from the date you order your gown to the wedding date. Most gowns take 12-16 weeks (3-4 months) for standard delivery. As we work with quite exclusive designers this can go up to 18 (4 1/2 months) weeks in the summer. We like to allow 8-10 weeks (2 months) for your fittings and alterations and then a few weeks grace to allow for any final changes. Voila…7 months!

However, this 7 month schedule has been marvellously performed in as little as 30 days for a brand new gown from a British designer. It can be done….at a price…and not to be recommended for the faint hearted.

Rush orders are available with some of our designers. These fees are graduated depending on how fast you need your dress.